We specialise in 3 main areas of expertise, CV Design, CV Tidying and Interview Coaching. You can find out more below;

CV Design

Your CV is your all important first impression to any prospective employer.  It is the first thing they look at when they are thinking about hiring a new member of staff.  If it is not designed correctly, you will be rejected before they have even met you, giving you absolutely no chance of landing that dream job. We will design you a brand new, information packed CV, to give you every chance of landing that interview – with the view to landing your dream job.

CV Tidy

Is your CV up to scratch? Is it opening doors and getting you that interview really want?  Are you wondering why you’re not getting as many interviews as you think you should? From experience we can tell you that 95% of all CV’s in the market place need some form of alteration. Here at ‘The Interview Coaches’ we will assess your CV, look at the layout, the alignment, and the content.  We will also check grammar and spelling for you.

For as little as £29.95 we can tidy your CV and have it back to you in 48 hours.

Interview Coaching

Our 5 Stage Interview Coaching process will enable you to have the confidence to approach your interview with the right mindset that your prospective employer is looking for.

Sales Coaching

Do you want to learn more about professional selling?  Are you running a business but lack confidence when it comes to sales?  Our compact straight talking sales program, will help you sell more than you ever have before.  We will teach you how to sell professionally and watch your business grow.

Public Speaking Coaching

Are you nervous about a best mans speech?  Or a presentation at work?  None of us are born effective public speakers.  It takes practice and hard work.  We have some amazing techniques, that will help your confidence soar, and allow you to become a very effective public speaker.