CV Writing

What is a CV?  Why is it important?

Your CV is your all important first impression to any prospectful employer.  It is the first thing they look at when they are thinking about hiring a new member of staff.  If it is not designed correctly, you will be rejected before they have even met you, giving you absolutely no chance of landing that dream job.

That’s why it is vital that your CV creates a great first impression, actually gets you through the door, so that you then have the chance to present & sell yourself to your interviewer.

From our years of experience within the recruitment industry, we have seen CV’s come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they are very short, sometimes very long.  Sometimes the font is too small, sometimes far too big.

Again you have to ask yourself the question – How can I design a fantastic CV if I have never done it before?  Where do I start?  What font should I use?  How big should the text be?  What comes first, education or work history?

At “The Interview Coaches” we will analyse your CV, pick out & highlight the positives, then re-format it so it is eye catching, stylish & efficient giving just the right amount of information for future employers.

We will continue to tweak your CV until you are 100% happy with the design and content.

We can also design your CV for a specific job application using buzz words that employers will be looking for.

We will design you a brand new, information packed CV to give you every chance of landing that interview – with the view to landing your dream job.