Interview coaching in 5 stages

  • Mock Interview – with a trained professional recruiter.  Each interview structure will be a bespoke design depending upon candidate, job role and level.  You will be interviewed using competency & behavioral questioning so that your interviewer can dig deep into your personality & work history to get the very best out of you during your interview.
  • Interview evaluation – your interviewer will assess just how well you interviewed and produce a report on the positives & negatives of the mock interview.
  • Feedback – Your interviewer will go through the positives and negatives of the interview with you, turning any negative feedback into positives.
  • Coaching – Your interviewer will then give you tried and tested techniques on how to deliver a successful interview every time.  You will be given every tool in the bag to ensure you are successful during that interview.
  • Pre-Interview phone call.  You will be contacted the day before your interview for last minute coaching techniques so all the knowledge is fresh in your mind for the actual interview.